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Hi, I'm Ava!

My love for baking and cooking started when I was a little girl.  I have so many cooking memories, especially ones with my family.  Living with a family with several food allergies, I was inspired to whisk up a few of my own recipes that are made with real, whole, allergy-friendly foods.  I am always trying and experimenting with a variety of different recipes, a little bit of everything :)


You may be wondering, "what's with the name, 'The Everything Baker'?" Well, this name has two stories behind it believe it or not. The first one begins with my younger sister Sara, who LOVES everything bagels (hence the name). However, my sister does not have food sensitivities, unlike the rest of my family so she wasn't a huge fan of all the gluten-free recipes we would make. We were constantly trying gluten-free, vegan, paleo, (you-name-it!!) recipes that were honestly not very good. This inspired me to create healthy recipes that my sister and family would actually enjoy. I believe that healthy gluten-free recipes can taste just as good as regular recipes, and food sensitivities should not hold you back from enjoying delicious foods. This is where the other meaning behind my name comes in. In a world full of diet culture and social media, there are a lot of negative messages that are being sent to people of all ages regarding food. When it comes to what food you should eat, I know food sensitivities are a whole other story and foods harmful to your health should be avoided. But I believe balance and moderation are the keys to a healthy lifestyle and to feeling your best. Eating a little bit of everything is very important when it comes to fueling your body properly, which is why I strive to implement many different ingredients in my recipes. For me, The Everything Baker is more than just a name, and it had become much more than that. It has taught me to not only better my relationship with food, but that life is all about experiencing a little bit of everything and most importantly, living your life to the fullest.

- Ava 

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